We are a construction savvy business that understands the nuances of the building industry and can guide you on best practice for the use of porcelain which is fast gaining popularity as a surface of choice.

  • High levels of stock available from our UK warehouse for urgent orders.
  • End of line and clearance stock offers.
  • Introduction service to established fabricators who already cut and fit our porcelain slabs.
  • Beautifully fabricated and fitted displays can be viewed at our London showroom, along with full slabs at the same location.
  • Excellent customer support and communication.
  • Clay is construction industry savvy. We can help guide you on best practices for a product which is growing in demand.
  • Further discounts on slabs collected from our London warehouse. Slabs can only be loaded onto an open flatbed truck. The slabs are packaged onto very large wooden A-frames which need to be returned.

There are many suppliers who claim to provide customer care and service, but Clay truly delivers without fail.

Phil and Jo Banks

Banks design & build