This comprises both the exclusive proprietary technologies NaturaVein-Tech and NaturaBody-Tech and the development of new processes and surface finishes for the slabs in its collection. These include the Hyle material textures programme and the introduction of the new Levigato Pearl finish, which brings extraordinary smoothness to a matt surface with a strikingly natural look.

Natura Body–Tech

The ceramic bodies are characterised by colour variations that blend with the appearance of the surface, thanks to the inclusion of mineral chips with different grain sizes, in shades and dimensions that are also consistent with the texture of the material the slabs are inspired by.

Natura Body-Tech slabs are composed of natural minerals, so they are suitable for all kinds of engineering processes.

NaturaBody-Tech slabs can also be polished at the back, allowing for new application solutions that come increasingly close to those possible with natural stone slabs, while offering all the distinctive technical performance of porcelain stoneware surfaces.

Rediscovering material

Hyle’s new texture Damier offers a regular, elegant chessboard pattern with a range of tactile sensations that differ from the normal Infinity surface in the texture, created by the controlled removal of elements designed to highlight the materials, tile body and minerals.

Availalbe in 1600mm x 3200mm sheet size, with a thickness of 12 mm and 20 mm. Damier is available for Chianca di Ostuni (SE01), Buxy Select (SE07) and Concrete Black (CE03).


The new Hyle texture that engages with both the surface and the tile body

Levigato Pearl

Levigato Pearl is the new surface finish offered to expand the range of possible applications for the world of furnishing and interior decoration. The exclusive Levigato Pearl finish gives the Infinity surface an extremely smooth feel, similar to natural marble. From a visual point of view, the surface is completely matt and absorbs light, offering a subtle reflection effect that also makes it ideal for combining with different kinds of material.

A new soft, natural touch for the Infinity high-tech surface

The surface also features semi-circular marks that give it a hand-crafted effect; this distinctive, distinguished characteristic adds to the beauty and originality of each individual slab.

The Levigato Pearl finish is suitable for use on kitchen tops, tables and for tiling walls only. It cannot be installed on floors.

Stains such as those caused by wine or coffee should be cleaned from Levigato Pearl surfaces within two hours, using warm water and a neutral detergent, so as to ensure no traces remain.

Do not using alkaline degreasers (degreasers containing hydroxide for cleaning ovens or sink pipes). Avoid using abrasive or metal sponges to clean Levigato Pearl surfaces.

Levigato Pearl Available in the below product range